I’ve Given Up On Work…

I gave up on work, so began to type up some of my prompt driven work from Creative Writing. Here’s one of them. Recently, our lessons have been led by a different person each class, and on our last such lesson the prompt was a drawing of an elderly man. I hope this is ok, I was challenged to use a different style of writing, so my descriptions may be a bit off…

Old Man Drawing Prompt

It’s as if he had been there always, and would always continue to be there, through the end of the last universe, to the beginning of the next. His clothes, covered in dirt and mould, seemed almost to have grown from the Earth herself in order to cover him and protect him. His mournful voice, creaking as the oldest of buildings, had the tendency to stop partway through a sentence, as if he was remembering history too big to be conveyed through words and hands, through pen and paper. His eyes shone with the blaze of the most fervent of believers, as though they had been replaced with suns. He believed. He was a beggar, only a beggar, yet still believed in his salvation. He held out a plastic cup, empty of coins, with a steady lined and spotted hand. It was said that the lines were the paths history might have taken, and the liver spots the worlds he had lived through. The length of his grey beard was reminiscent of those of the finest Kings and the care and quality of it equivalent to the hides of the mangiest curs. He’d been there through every birth and every death, and it was widely considered that he was an immortal being.

Until he stopped passing through the present, and consigned himself to the history he had lived through. People wondered if he’d been called back by God, if he’d gone to richer pickings. No one wondered at the mound of dirt beneath his degrading coat. He was only a beggar after all. And time passed on without him.

I have a friend whose descriptions are amazingly beautiful, so this was my attempt at seeing if I could write in such a style, especially since that friend had commented on my sticking to the one style. So I decided to challenge myself, and this time it wasn’t thinking of what to write about the prompt that was difficult, but instead trying to phrase some parts to make it more fitting for what I was trying to achieve. I really liked some of the descriptions, such as the quote ‘seemed almost to have grown from the Earth herself’, as it backed up what I really wanted to be a comment on contrasts within the story, such as the pagan and modern religious aspects in the story. Another similar point was the difference in the ‘steady lined and spotted hand’ which obviously shows both youth and age, especially since shaking hands is often seen in the elderly, though his are still. I’m waffling on a bit, but i quite liked how the story turned out, for twenty minutes of writing.


One thought on “I’ve Given Up On Work…

  1. The descriptions and detail in your piece ‘Old Man Drawing Prompt’ are both evocative and soulful and I absolutely feel that you have ‘captured’ the style. Your piece also has a wonderful, earthly quality which takes the reader into your journey of ‘every birth and every death’.


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