I Can’t Get No Sleep (Insomnia)

It’s five to two in the morning, I have work tomorrow, and I can’t sleep because my stomach hurts too much. I’ve had this before, quite often, and I’ve not been able to last it out without painkillers yet. However, two traxenamic acids and two ibuprofen later, and this pain won’t leave. The same thing happened last time as well, and was the first time that the painkillers had failed. I’m a little worried as to how strong the pain is  becoming, but, I don’t know, nothing I can really do. If it gets bad then I’ll see a doctor, something like that. My parents didn’t care when I woke them up to tell them, and whilst I know that there was nothing they could really do. Yes mother, I’m sure a hot water bottle would really help, however they are all in that locked cupboard downstairs, and you have the key. I’ll let myself out, shall I? I shouldn’t be annoyed, It was half one, but they’ve always told me to go see them no matter what time if my stomach hurts…

I’ve work tomorrow as well, and I’d have preferably gone in refreshed, as last week one of the owners said that we’d have to have words about my lack of motivation and camaraderie with my workmates. Because I wouldn’t smile. I work in a warehouse, no customer will ever see, and unlike I think everyone else at work, I actually really enjoy it there. And the lack of camaraderie? The person after me on the belt was struggling to keep up, so I had to price and pack. I had no time to laugh and joke around!! And then after giving blood, who was I face to face with but her! It wasn’t fun. I smiled as I said hello, and she immediately commented on it. But she gave us all kitkats with our drinks. I don’t know, do I like her, or do I despise her??

Rant over. It wasn’t intended to be a rant sorry, just a way of taking my mind off the pain that has now eased. Hallelujah. It was either this, or walk the dog, and so I let the dog sleep. Although it would have been less of a hassle, since I couldn’t find my laptop charger anywhere, and eventually had to wake my brother up in order to reclaim it. I’ve just bought both of the Portal games, so I’m looking forward to playing them.

I’m heading to bed now, as either the pills have kicked in, unlikely as I took them about two hours ago, or the pain has just stopped, like it is wont to do. I don’t care, as I have only four and a half hours left until I have to get up. Goodnight


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