There’s War, But Will There Ever Be Peace?

I have begun to feel that there are two things inevitable in a human’s life. Firstly, that we will die. Secondly, that we will wage war. 

I guess I’m just being a little depressed and depressing, but I feel that as long as there is more than one person around in the world, there is bound to be hate and subsequent conflict. One person may argue with themselves, doubt themselves, but I’m sure that even with humanity’s innate skill for wreaking havoc they would still find it difficult to wage a war against their own self. I am very much aware that humans aren’t just the perpetrators when it comes to a fondness for war, but whilst animals may fight wars for similar reasons, resources and territory, it is only humans who have created weapons capable of destroying the entire planet many times over. As humans, ants stealing larvae from rival colonies means nothing to us. Mobs of meerkats battling it out over hunting grounds do not affect us. However, when we fight, it is like we are willing to sacrifice the Earth in order to prove others wrong. Everything knows when the humans go to war. America first developed atomic bombs as a way of forcing Russia to back down, as a way of proving Russia wrong through brute force. However, when Russia itself made an atomic bomb, America had to find another solution beyond forcing them into submission. There were threats of mutual annihilation over something which now seems like smaller, like it has been analysed overmuch, like clothing shrunk and discoloured through frequent washing.

I don’t think I’m being very clear. All I know is that nine countries possess 16,300 nuclear weapons. All I know is that for human selfishness, there are some willing to destroy everything. Think of what even ten of these weapons can do in the hands of zealots. Such as ISIS. They believe that they’ll go to heaven and get their seventy two virgins if they can force their extreme views on others. 

And I guess that’s what all conflict can be seen as boiling down to. Going too far. Wanting to get the last word in. Can there ever be any positives in extremism? I don’t feel that there can. Just thinking about it, I think I strongly believe that extremism of all and any kinds is responsible for almost every case for war. Extreme political views? We’re right, let’s take you over and make it right for everyone. Extreme religious views? Our God is righteous and yours is fake, this is the right way to live. Even extreme personal views. I’m a feminist, I just want equality, no matter the gender. However, I’ve heard that there’s a petition going , trying to reclassify feminists as terrorists. It sounds ridiculous. But, when you learn that the woman responsible for this petition is sick of ‘feminazis’ literally attacking people, you begin to understand. You may feel that you’re betraying yourself as a feminist, but you can accept where she’s coming from. Some people have taken it too far. Fight for your beliefs, yes. But don’t shove it down people’s throats. The suffragists played more of a role in gaining British women suffrage than the militant suffragettes. 

The extreme groups always drown out the moderate groups. There are some who will consider all Muslims to be terrorists, as ISIS is an extreme Muslim group. Football fans are all hooligans who love nothing better than to start meaningless fights over whose team is superior. Feminists are mad, bad and troublesome to know. But it will always be the extreme groups that cause the conflict. At least, this is what I strongly believe. 

I don’t feel like this was a rant. I think it was more of a sad acknowledgment of human nature. I’m really sorry if this was confusing and all over the place, I was feeling a little disillusioned tonight, although cases like this are why essay plans are the way forward. If you think I’m wrong please tell me, but there is the chance that I’ll wake up tomorrow, read what I’ve put, and think ‘no, that’s not me at all‘. But I don’t feel like I will. I think that these thoughts may be duller and less focused tomorrow, but I feel like this belief in human nature is something that might always stay with me. 

Thank you for reading.


I Can’t Get No Sleep (Insomnia)

It’s five to two in the morning, I have work tomorrow, and I can’t sleep because my stomach hurts too much. I’ve had this before, quite often, and I’ve not been able to last it out without painkillers yet. However, two traxenamic acids and two ibuprofen later, and this pain won’t leave. The same thing happened last time as well, and was the first time that the painkillers had failed. I’m a little worried as to how strong the pain is  becoming, but, I don’t know, nothing I can really do. If it gets bad then I’ll see a doctor, something like that. My parents didn’t care when I woke them up to tell them, and whilst I know that there was nothing they could really do. Yes mother, I’m sure a hot water bottle would really help, however they are all in that locked cupboard downstairs, and you have the key. I’ll let myself out, shall I? I shouldn’t be annoyed, It was half one, but they’ve always told me to go see them no matter what time if my stomach hurts…

I’ve work tomorrow as well, and I’d have preferably gone in refreshed, as last week one of the owners said that we’d have to have words about my lack of motivation and camaraderie with my workmates. Because I wouldn’t smile. I work in a warehouse, no customer will ever see, and unlike I think everyone else at work, I actually really enjoy it there. And the lack of camaraderie? The person after me on the belt was struggling to keep up, so I had to price and pack. I had no time to laugh and joke around!! And then after giving blood, who was I face to face with but her! It wasn’t fun. I smiled as I said hello, and she immediately commented on it. But she gave us all kitkats with our drinks. I don’t know, do I like her, or do I despise her??

Rant over. It wasn’t intended to be a rant sorry, just a way of taking my mind off the pain that has now eased. Hallelujah. It was either this, or walk the dog, and so I let the dog sleep. Although it would have been less of a hassle, since I couldn’t find my laptop charger anywhere, and eventually had to wake my brother up in order to reclaim it. I’ve just bought both of the Portal games, so I’m looking forward to playing them.

I’m heading to bed now, as either the pills have kicked in, unlikely as I took them about two hours ago, or the pain has just stopped, like it is wont to do. I don’t care, as I have only four and a half hours left until I have to get up. Goodnight

No Lessons Today

I’ve no lessons today, but I’ve a lot of work to do. I keep getting distracted though. I’ve never been good at staying focused, so when my friends turned up I decided to give up for the lunch time. They’ve gone now, and so it’s back to work with me. All the work I’ve to do are quite long pieces, so finding out that I’ve spent nearly an hour on a Twilight fanfiction for my creative writing teacher has just made me a little bit sad. I can’t leave either, because I have rugby training at the end of the day.


I am Alayia, and I have been coerced into creating a blog by my Creative Writing teacher. As have the rest of my class… So I’m going to grin and bear with, and see if this blog lasts any longer than the many other projects that I’ve started. If so then I hope you enjoy!

Thank you 🙂